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It wasn't all bad

Dog alerts family to fire, attempts to drag baby to safety

She's only 8 months old, but Sasha the pit bull is already a hero.

Nana Chaichanhdra says that last week, she left Sasha outside overnight, which she rarely does. She heard Sasha throwing her body against the back door, and when she got up to see what was going on, she discovered that the Stockton, California, fourplex where she lived was on fire. Chaichanhdra ran inside to grab her 7-month-old daughter, but Sasha was one step ahead; she already had the baby by the diaper and was dragging her to safety.

Chaichanhdra scooped up her daughter and Sasha, and they were able to get out of the house unscathed. She told FOX 40 she hopes this brings awareness to pit bulls being family dogs. "I owe her everything," Chaichanhdra said. "If it wasn't for her, I would have still been in bed and things could have taken a worse turn."