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2018 World Cup

Argentina and Portugal are out of the World Cup. Next: Spain vs. Russia and Croatia vs. Denmark

The World Cup's first day of knockout eliminations Saturday saw Argentina, helmed by Lionel Messi, lose to France 4-3; while Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, fell to Uruguay 2-1. France and Uruguay will advance to the quarterfinals on Friday while the remaining 12 teams in the round of 16 battle it out over the coming week. Sunday's most anticipated match is Spain vs. Russia, the latter the host of this year's tournament, after which Croatia plays Denmark.

"This is a life and death match, but there is no pressure, rather responsibility," said Russian team manager Stanislav Cherchesov. "This is like an exam, what you write down your teacher will read it and check and you cannot change it. We will get a score."

See the match schedule here.