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Trump lashes out on Twitter during Woodward’s Today interview

While Bob Woodward was arguing on Today that President Trump is putting America's national security at risk, the president was angrily tweeting about him.

Savannah Guthrie interviewed Woodward on Monday morning about Fear, his new in-depth book that makes shocking claims about the Trump administration, including that the president's aides sometimes steal papers from his desk so that he won't sign them. Leading up to the interview — and then while it was airing — Trump sent a series of tweets about Woodward before eventually promising, "I'll write the real book!"

Trump proceeded to retweet positive memes about himself from the account @trueamerica1st. Then he retweeted his own attack on Woodward from Friday, when he called the Pulitzer Prize winner's book a "scam." Later, he claimed that Woodward had been "caught cold" by NBC because Guthrie asked him a question about his anonymous sources. Woodward said on-air in response to that question that the "incidents are not anonymous" and that the book was "carefully done." Brendan Morrow