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Black Mirror's fifth season will feature a choose-your-own-adventure episode

Black Mirror

In an upcoming episode of Black Mirror, the characters' horrifying fate will be entirely in your hands.

Bloomberg reports that Netflix is planning to roll out choose-your-own-adventure programming for adults beginning with the fifth season of Black Mirror, which will feature an episode where viewers have to make decisions that affect where the plot goes. The popular science-fiction series deals with the terrifying implications of technology, so presumably, the decision-making will tie into the episode's plot in a meta way.

Netflix has never before applied this interactive format to live-action programming intended for adults, although it has done so with children's shows. For instance, the streaming site previously released Puss in Book, an animated special in which viewers at various points must make one of two possible decisions by clicking on their computer or hitting a button on their remote. Outside of Black Mirror, other choose-your-own-adventure style programming coming to Netflix will include video game adaptations like a new Minecraft series, Bloomberg reports.

Black Mirror's fifth season doesn't yet have a release date, but if it follows the schedule of the past two years, it will be ready to give you nightmares before the end of 2018.