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Jon Stewart expertly explains how Trump punks the media

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart still thinks the media is covering President Trump in completely the wrong way, and he came back to roast them about it once again.

Stewart said in an interview with CNN this week that what Trump has done so well is take advantage of the media's "own narcissism." Journalists are "personally wounded and offended" by Trump, Stewart explains, and so they always take the bait when he goes after them, instead of focusing on more important things. "They take it personally, and now he's changed the conversation to, not that his policies are silly or not working, or any of those other things," Stewart said. "It's all about the fight."

The comedian also observed that this fight with the media, which the president clearly loves since it redirects the public's attention, is one that Trump is always going to win. He added that when the media continuously expresses outrage at the way Trump treats them, they should think of how communities of color feel. Watch a portion of Stewart's interview below. Brendan Morrow