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It wasn't all bad

Dad books 6 flights on Christmas Eve to spend time with flight attendant daughter

Most people avoid flying on busy Christmas Eve, but this father embraced it.

Pierce Vaughan is a flight attendant, and she was scheduled to work six flights on Monday. In order to spend time with his daughter on Christmas Eve, Hal Vaughn booked tickets for all six. During the flight from Fort Myers, Florida, to Detroit, he was bumped up to first class, where he sat next to Mike Levy of Ohio. Levy shared what Hal was doing on Facebook, writing: "What a fantastic father!"

Hal told Levy that it wasn't easy to navigate the different airports and get to the right planes, but it was fun and completely worth it to be with his daughter. On her own Facebook page, Pierce thanked all of the "patient, wonderful gate agents around the country and my perfect crew" for ensuring that her dad made it on every flight.