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Manhattan officials are investigating the building where a woman was trapped in an elevator for three days

A woman in New York City just experienced one of the most terrifying weekends imaginable, spending three days awaiting rescue while trapped in an elevator.

The New York Post reports that the 53-year-old woman on Friday got stuck in the private elevator of the Upper East Side townhouse where she works as a housekeeper, and because the owners were gone for the entire weekend, she wasn't found until they arrived home on Monday morning. She didn't have a phone with her when she got trapped, ABC News reports.

Firefighters were reportedly called to the five-story building on Monday in order to pry open the doors and rescue the woman, who was subsequently taken to the hospital, and CBS News reports she is in good condition. The building's elevator passed an inspection in July; The New York Times reports that the city's Department of Buildings is currently investigating the incident.