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Art of the Deal

Trump will likely agree to $1.3 billion in border funding. He rejected $1.6 billion last year.

President Trump looks set to sign a budget deal that doesn't come close to including the amount of border wall funding he's asked for — or even as much as he's rejected in the past.

Trump intends to sign a new budget agreement from Congress that will avert a government shutdown, CNN reported Wednesday. He had expressed dissatisfaction with the bill, and understandably so; he'd been for weeks asking for $5.7 billion in border wall funding, and this bill only includes $1.375 billion for 55 miles of fencing.

But The Washington Post points out that Trump could have had much more if he had just quit while he was ahead. After all, a spending bill produced by the Senate in June 2018 included $1.6 billion for 65 miles of fencing. Trump rejected this amount, wanting $5 billion instead. Now, not only is he ending this whole standoff without $5 billion, he'll receive even less than the original $1.6 billion he was offered, after his insistence on the funding sparked the longest-ever partial government shutdown.

Trump, though, will likely spin this agreement as not being a show of defeat because he plans to fund the wall in other ways, including by redirecting money from elsewhere within the federal government like disaster relief funds. The full text of the budget agreement has not yet been released, but Trump on Tuesday said it will be "hooked up with lots of money from other sources."