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Trevor Noah has a good laugh at Ivanka Trump's thoughts on work versus handouts

Trevor Noah noted that President Trump has landed in Vietnam for talks with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, after avoiding Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and laughed at Kim's mode of transportation, dragging in Thomas the Tank Engine. And he didn't seem overwhelmed with Michael Cohen's planned testimony before Congress on Wednesday. "Michael Cohen is going to testify under oath that President Trump is a liar, a cheat, a womanizer, and a racist?" Noah deadpanned on Tuesday's Daily Show. "What other bombshells is he gonna drop? Is he also going to tell us that Abraham Lincoln didn't die of natural causes?"

It would be big news if "Cohen can actually prove that Trump was involved in specific criminal acts, including when he was president," Noah allowed, because it would mean "Trump stopped playing golf and watching TV long enough to commit crimes." But he did arch his eyebrows at Ivanka Trump's Fox News interview. "Last night, the president's daughter took a break from her extremely important job at the White House to teach Democrats a little lesson about ordinary Americans," he said, rolling the clip.

"Ivanka Trump says the thing she's learned in life is that people want to work for what they get? Really?" Noah laughed. "The woman whose résumé just says 'Daddy, I need job now.' That woman? Really? And for the record, I'm going to call B.S. on this. People love getting free sh-t!" He pointed to basketball games where "people will trample their own kids for a free shirt that they will never wear," and Costco samples. "And let me tell you something, rich people love handouts more than anyone," Noah said, citing his night at the Oscars. "Guys, Lady Gaga kicked my ass because I grabbed something before she could get her hands on it — and okay, it was her Oscar, but that's not the point."

You can watch Noah's star-struck recap of his first Oscars and the after-parties below. Peter Weber