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Cohen in Congress

Michael Cohen's water bottle has apparently amassed more than $600,000 in free advertising

At the time of publication, it has been seven hours since Michael Cohen first sat down before the House Oversight Committee and began to answer questions about his role as President Trump's loyal fixer. That's a lot of time to learn how Trump potentially played an active role in negotiating Stormy Daniels' hush money payments — and to generally become very, very familiar with the yellow-green walls of the Rayburn House Office Building committee room, and to meditate on the possible symbolic meanings behind Cohen's tie color du jour.

It is also a lot of time to stare at a tiny Deer Park water bottle.

With its label proudly facing the camera, the mini water bottle has stood stoically by Cohen's side since the hearing began (it was later joined by a partner). A division of Nestlé Waters, the Deer Park water bottle brand has serendipitously amassed an estimated $641,592 in on-air equivalent advertising time just by sitting beside Cohen, reports Apex Marketing Group.

While many political figures under the sort of pressure Cohen is facing crack and do crazy things with their water bottles, Trump's former lawyer has handled his hydration with grace. "Wow!" one approving viewer tweeted. "Michael Cohen can drink from his water bottle using only one hand, unlike his boss!"