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Fox News' Chris Wallace and Laura Ingraham are fighting on air about the Mueller report

Fox News' airwaves just got a serious dose of passive aggression.

On Wednesday, network hosts Bret Baier and Chris Wallace appeared on Fox News' America's Newsroom to discuss a blatantly critical letter from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Attorney General William Barr. Except network host Laura Ingraham didn't think it didn't looked too bad for Barr, and she quickly attacked Wallace for suggesting otherwise.

In his letter, Mueller said the four-page conclusion letter Barr released to the public "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance" of his whole 448-page report. On America's Newsroom, Wallace called the letter "clearly an effort by the Mueller campaign to put Bill Barr on the spotlight" ahead of his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing later that day.

Ingraham seemingly wasn't scheduled to appear on America's Newsroom, but she still had an argument to make. She called in to the program later in the hour, saying Wallace "agrees with these other cable networks" who were creating a "frothy frenzy" and suggesting "Barr was perpetuating a lie about this conversation."

While he didn't mention Ingraham's name, Wallace did publicly fight back on Fox News airwaves later in the day. "Some opinion people who appear on this network" may have a different "political agenda" to push, Wallace said. But "the fact is that this letter ... was a clear indication" that Mueller was "very upset" with Barr's publicly released conclusions, Wallace finished. Kathryn Krawczyk