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Omarosa says 'expert analysis' proves she experienced pay discrimination on the Trump campaign

Omarosa Manigault Newman is looking to get in on a lawsuit against President Trump.

Manigault Newman, who served as director of African-American outreach on the Trump campaign, in new court documents on Monday claims she was "subjected to pay discrimination on the campaign," The Daily Beast reports.

The former Apprentice star says that while she "strongly suspected" she experienced pay discrimination before, "I have since seen expert analysis confirming this to be true" and that she was paid less than a male employee "whose work required substantially equal skill, effort, and responsibility as mine." She adds, "The numbers don't lie."

These allegations were made in documents as part of a proposed class-action lawsuit from a woman, Alva Johnson, who says that she experienced pay discrimination on the campaign and also claims that Trump kissed her without consent, which the White House has denied.

Manigault Newman wants to join in on this lawsuit and submitted a declaration from an economist who says that payroll data shows women on the Trump campaign were paid less than men on average, BuzzFeed News reports. Trump and his campaign filed a motion last week asking to throw out this lawsuit, The Washington Post reports.

After her role on the campaign, Manigault Newman joined White House as communications director for the Office of Public Liaison, resigning in 2018. She subsequently began to release audio recordings she secretly recorded in the White House and slammed Trump as being unfit for office in her book Unhinged. She has continued to make stunning allegations against the White House, including recently speculating that the administration destroyed boxes of evidence related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Manigault Newman on Monday said that she wants to "help level the playing field in the political arena between men and women," adding, "It is time for all of us to blow the whistle on the wrongdoings of this campaign."