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Here we go again

Trump calls U.K. ambassador a 'very stupid guy' and a 'pompous fool' in new Twitter rant

Maybe President Trump just needed to vent on Monday. After all, a prominent U.K. official — ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch — was caught red-handed calling him "insecure," "incompetent," and predicting that his administration could "crash and burn." That would probably rile most people up — although, it must be said, lashing out on Twitter may not be the best way to dispel the notion that you're insecure.

But apparently Monday's Twitter rant wasn't enough for the president. He came out swinging again on Tuesday morning, this time referring to Darroch as a "very stupid guy" and, more formally, a "pompous fool." For what it's worth, reports indicate that Darroch is well-liked by Trump officials, and the U.K. is standing behind him.

The president also used the opportunity to once again insult the U.K.'s Brexit troubles.

And, lest we forget, he ended the tirade by boasting about the strength of the U.S. economy and military and made sure, as he so often does, to give thanks where thanks is due. Tim O'Donnell