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Trump claims he shut down the Ilhan Omar chants 'very quickly.' He actually soaked them in for 13 seconds.

President Trump's latest claim takes precisely 13 seconds to fact check.

At a Wednesday night rally in North Carolina, Trump openly degraded Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), prompting the crowd to erupt into a chant of "send her back" that echoed his racist tweet against the Democratic congresswoman earlier this week.

Trump was asked about the chant on Thursday, and while he said he "felt a little bit badly about it," he also referred to his supporters in pointing out that he "didn’t say that, they did." Trump also claimed he "started speaking very quickly" to shut down the chants.

Yet as a video of the situation reveals, Trump actually waited for at least 13 seconds before starting to speak again. And when he did, he only continued to criticize Omar.

Democrats have started to warn that Trump's rhetoric has put Omar's life in "imminent danger," though Omar chose to respond to the tweets with a powerful Maya Angelou quote.