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Late Night Tackles Trump versus Mueller

Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah laugh at the similarities between Trump and Britain's Boris Johnson

"The Robert Mueller Show" goes live Wednesday morning, Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday's Kimmel Live. But the Justice Department is trying to limit the former special counsel's testimony. "Basically, he's allowed to answer questions about anything as long as we already know it or don't care about it," Kimmel said. President Trump, already rage-tweeting about Mueller's testimony, appears to care a lot, he added. Trump "initially told reporters he would not watch any of it, and then he said he might watch part of it, which means he's will watch all of it."

Kimmel mocked Treasury Secretary Wilbur Ross over highly credible reports he frequently falls asleep during meetings and jokingly previewed Sarah Huckabee Sanders' reputed Arkansas gubernatorial aspirations, then turned to newly chosen British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the first U.K. leader "who looks like he's smoked meth in an Arby's dumpster." He showed a photo of Johnson. "It's almost as if Trump is selling franchises of himself now," Kimmel said. "They do have a lot in common. ... England basically elected the Jim Carrey to our Jeff Daniels, and now both our countries are led by a johnson."

Yes, "if you've ever thought, 'I like Donald Trump and his policies and his hair but I really just wish he could read,' well then Great Britain has the leader for you!" Trevor Noah joked at The Daily Show.

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon, looking at side-by-side photos of Trump and Britain's new leader, said Johnson reminds him of "Trump after he did the ice bucket challenge" — which is a thing that actually happened. Fallon also previewed Mueller's congressional testimony: "Basically, Democrats are hoping Mueller goes out there and explains his written report on camera — it's their way of saying to Americans: 'We know you didn't read the report so maybe you'll watch the movie.'" Watch below. Peter Weber