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Watch a mob of kangaroos bound through snowy fields in Australia

Feast your eyes, this sure is a sight to behold.

A polar front brought some snow to Australia this weekend, and it turns out some kangaroos in the state of New South Wales got a figurative — and perhaps literal — kick out of it. Stephen Grenfell captured a whole mob (groups of kangaroos are also apparently known as troops or courts) of the marsupials bounding their way through some snowy fields while he was driving.

The video seemingly is as far afoot from political discourse you can get. But the internet exists, after all, and some folks just can't help themselves. Conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza used the video to mock climate change.

This could backfire on D'Souza, though, who might have forgotten that Australia, while not often snowy, is in the Southern Hemisphere and is currently experiencing winter.