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Bait and switch

Hollywood charity tricks attendees into thinking Keanu Reeves is going to show up

This week, a charity event in Hollywood promoted an event at which Keanu Reeves would be the headliner. There was just one problem: Reeves didn't know about it.

Tickets to the gala, which cost up to $1,000, promised the chance to hobnob with Reeves, who was said to be accepting an award, reports Page Six. Attendees were disappointed when Reeves didn't show, and his representative soon issued a terse statement saying he was never going to be there: "He knew nothing about the event and has no affiliation with this organization whatsoever." The charity did auction off a painting of Reeves, so hey, maybe it was just a Dorian Gray thing. It would explain why he hasn't aged since 1992. Read more at Page Six.