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Supreme Court lets Sandy Hook lawsuit against Remington proceed

The families of Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims officially have a path to pursue justice.

The Sandy Hook families had previously sued Remington, the gun manufacturer that produced the weapon used in the 2012 shooting, prompting Remington to try to to get the case taken down. But the Supreme Court on Tuesday decided it wouldn't hear Remington's appeal of a ruling in favor of the families, letting the families proceed in their suit.

Earlier this year, Connecticut's Supreme Court ruled 4-3 against throwing out Sandy Hook victims' families' suit against Remington. Remington tried to appeal the decision to the highest federal court, saying a 2005 federal law meant it couldn't be sued when its weapons were used in a deadly shooting. But the Supreme Court decided against hearing it, giving no comment on its decision. "The families are grateful that the Supreme Court upheld precedent and denied Remington’s latest attempt to avoid accountability," Josh Koskoff, a lawyer for the families, told The Associated Press.

The Sandy Hook school shooting left 20 young children and six adults dead after a 20-year-old man with a Remington AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle opened fire. Families of the victims later sued Remington over the availability and marketing of the weapon, saying it was "targeted younger, at-risk males," per AP.