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The Iran crisis

Trump calls for new nuclear deal with Iran

President Trump is completely, totally done with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — and he wants the rest of the world to be as well.

In his first address since Iran attacks Iraqi military bases housing U.S. troops, Trump didn't call for any new escalation against the country. Instead, he renewed his criticism of the "very defective JCPOA," and called on its members to form a new deal with Iran instead.

Trump launched into his address by saying Iran would never have a nuclear weapon during his presidency. "Iran must abandon its nuclear ambitions and end its support for terrorism," Trump continued, and added that "the time has come for the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and China to recognize this reality" and "break away from the Iran deal, or JCPOA." These countries must work with the U.S. and Iran "toward making a deal with Iran that makes the world a safer, and more peaceful place," Trump continued.

Trump had already pulled the U.S. out of the JCPOA last year, and even though several other countries remained committed to it, Iran announced over the weekend that it would no longer adhere to limits the deal set in place.