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Rush Limbaugh has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer

Rush Limbaugh has announced he's been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

The conservative radio host shared the news on his show Monday afternoon on what he called "one of the most difficult days in recent memory for me," telling listeners he was diagnosed last month and that "there are going to be days that I'm not going to be able to be here" as he undergoes treatment, per Mediaite.

It was for this reason Limbaugh said he decided to announce the news publicly, even though he explained he didn't "want to burden anybody with it" and considered keeping the diagnosis private.

"My intention is to come here every day I can," Limbaugh said. He ended by noting he would be off the air for the next several days but that "every day I'm not here, I'll be thinking about you and missing you."

Limbaugh has hosted his radio show nationally for more than three decades, and Brian Rosenwald noted he's "probably the most influential voice on the right except for" President Trump. The Hill reports he recently signed a new contract, as announced by Trump at a rally.