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Elizabeth Warren makes Bloomberg the target of her 1st attack on a 2020 Democrat

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was saving some incivility for this moment.

Warren has pointedly avoided attacking her fellow Democrats in the 2020 race, even calling for unity when she came in a distant fourth place in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. But she that threw away on Thursday to call out former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for deciding to "lie" instead of "confront the shameful legacy of discrimination."

Warren's tweet came after leaked audio revealed Bloomberg defending the stop and frisk policy he furthered as mayor, including saying the New York Police Department stopped white people too often and minorities too little. He also blamed the end of redlining — the practice where banks refused to give loans in low-income and minority-heavy neighborhoods — for the 2008 financial crisis. Warren, who essentially forecasted the crash as a Harvard University law professor without blaming the end of the racist policies, summed up her argument again in her Thursday tweets.