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Trump retweets post calling Bloomberg a racist after deleting his own

President Trump and his re-election campaign are trying to cash in on leaked audio and video revealing billionaire Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defending the "stop and frisk" policy he supported as mayor in an effort to reduce crime.

The comments, which include Bloomberg saying the New York Police Department stop white people too often and minorities too little, have been subject to backlash, including from Trump. Earlier Tuesday he posted and then deleted a tweet calling Bloomberg a racist, but it looks like he found a way to continue to amplify that message without using his own words. Not long afterwards, Trump retweeted a post with an image of him playing golf with Bloomberg. The president focused on insulting his potential challenger's club speed and physical stature, but people were quick to point out the hashtag in the original post.

While Bloomberg has faced staunch criticism for the policy, not all observers think Trump is the person who should be calling him out on it. The president has been accused of racism himself before and during his tenure in the Oval Office, and he's also expressed support for stop and frisk. Tim O'Donnell