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John Kerry declares GOP Rep. Massie 'has tested positive for being an a--hole' after derailing stimulus bill

John Kerry has finally found one thing he and President Trump can agree on.

While the House was supposed to give a unanimous voice vote Friday to pass its coronavirus stimulus bill, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) declared he'd force a roll call vote, simultaneously compelling the rest of the House to return to Washington, D.C. just to vote him down. Trump showed a rare bit of bipartisanship on Friday in condemning Massie's move, and for the former secretary of state unleashed a few expletives to agree with him.

In the tweet Kerry replied to, Trump noted Massie "can't stop" the $2 trillion COVID-19 response bill from passing. It'll still likely get a vote from every other House member, but in forcing the House to wait to vote until it has a 216-member quorum, Massie is possibly pushing the vote back another day.