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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have 'reunited during their self-isolation'

The loneliness of social distancing poses obvious challenges for people who really, really shouldn't text their exs (seriously, don't do it!), but Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have taken questionable quarantine arrangements to the next level and "reunited during their self-isolation," sources tell People.

The couple, who were married from 1987 to 2000, were confirmed to be self-isolating together for an indefinite period of time by their 26-year-old daughter Tallulah, who posted a picture of her parents in matching pajamas with the caption "chaotic neutral." Over the years and despite other relationships (Willis married Emma Heming in 2009; Moore was most recently married to Ashton Kutcher from 2005 to 2013), Willis and Moore have stayed close friends.

"We felt more connected than we did before the divorce," Moore wrote in her 2019 memoir.