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U.S. planning to 'surge test' people under 35 for coronavirus regardless of symptoms in some places

With coronavirus infections rising in several regions across the United States, the Department of Health and Human Services is planning to incorporate "surge" testing for people under 35 in some places, Adm. Brett Giroir, HHS' assistant secretary for health said Wednesday.

Per The Dallas Morning News, the goal of the testing "blitz" is to suss out asymptomatic carriers since many cases in the current spike appear to be in younger people. It's likely many have mild or non-existent symptoms allowing them to spread the virus unknowingly as states attempt to reopen certain sectors of their economies.

Giroir said the HHS is working with state health officials in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, to implement the strategy, although details remain scarce. The Dallas Morning News reports it's unclear when the testing would begin, who would be targeted, and how compliance would be enforced, but the end goal appears to be lofty. "You would do the number of tests you do in a month in just a few days, to try to make sure we identify these asymptomatics and get a better handle on them," Giroir said. Read more at The Dallas Morning News.