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Late Night tackles Trump versus voting

Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers are not amused at Trump's self-serving 'sabotage' of the U.S. Postal Service

"With the presidential election right around the corner, the big question is no longer 'Will Donald Trump try to cheat?'" Trevor Noah said on Tuesday's Daily Show. "It's now become, 'How will Donald Trump try to cheat?' And with more Americans than ever expected to vote by mail due to coronavirus, it looks like he's zeroing in on his plan" — kill the messenger. "Only Donald Trump is weird enough to have beef with the mail," Noah sighed. "Every day he's less and less like a president more like a neighbor in a sit-com."

It's not a laughing matter, though. Trump and his allies are "spending $20 million to sue mail-in voting," Noah said. "And because lawsuits alone won't stop mail-in voting, the other part of Trump's plan is to just stop the mail" by "trying to sabotage the Post Office." To carry out his "crusade against mail-in ballots," Trump has "installed a close political ally who just happened to start slowing down the mail, which means that come November, a lot of votes that are supposed to make it by Election Day might not," he added. "It also means that in the meantime, all the other mail is getting delayed, and it's having a huge effect on people's lives," and not in a good way.

"The president knows he can't win in November with a majority of votes, so instead he's trying to undermine the integrity of the election by sabotaging the Post Office," Seth Meyers agreed at Late Night. For example, "late on Friday, the Postal Service announced a massive restructuring that centers power around the postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, a Trump loyalist who donated over $360,000 to the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee," he said. "Right off the bat you know it's shady because they did it late on a Friday night."

Meyers explained the years-old push by Republicans and conservative donors to privatize the U.S. Postal Service — which is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution — and the huge part they played in forcing the USPS's current financial woes. "And whether or not Trump actually succeeds in stopping mail-in voting is almost beside the point," he said. "Either way he's sowing confusion, setting up lengthy court battles, and laying he groundwork to claim the results are disputed, even if they're not. He's made that as clear as possible." Watch below. Peter Weber