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Late night tackles Trump and coronavirus

Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Trevor Noah ponder why Trump superfans still trust him with their lives

Late night hosts on Trump's Vegas rally

"Well, guys, Election Day is now less than 50 days away," Jimmy Fallon noted on Monday's Tonight Show. "The only thing coming sooner than Nov. 3 is a COVID test for anyone who went to the president's indoor rally last night." What is President Trump doing holding a packed, mask-less rally in Las Vegas? he asked. "Even old ladies smoking at the slot machines were like, 'I wouldn't set foot in there.'"

"The event was attended by 5,000 people who watched Trump's Tulsa rally and thought, 'That, but less safe,'" Fallon joked. "The rally actually defied Nevada's 50-person limit on indoor gatherings. In response, the Trump campaign was like, 'Honestly, after Tulsa we didn't think 50 people would show up.' Seriously, you know you're doing something crazy when the state that allows gambling and prostitution's like, 'Ah, you can't do that, bro.'"

"I get why a Trump fan would've trusted Trump before, but how do you still trust this man after he admitted that he's been downplaying the coronavirus this whole time?" Trevor Noah asked at The Daily Show. "This is like believing a Nigerian email scammer after he tells you that he's a Nigerian email scammer," he added. "And as for Trump, how you gonna call yourself the president of 'law and order' when you're openly flouting the law?"

Noah also gawked at a "crazy" Utah anti-mask rally that went viral — "that video is the closest thing I've seen to Facebook comments happening in real life," he said — and the body-cam footage of an Ohio police officer breaking up a college party hosted by quarantined COVID-positive students, which he compared to "watching a virtual reality game called 'White Privilege.'" The "genius of America's coronavirus response," he deadpanned, is that "unlike other countries that are preparing for the second wave, America realized you don't have to deal with the second wave if you never get over the first."

Seriously, the only way Trump "could spread the virus more efficiently is to hold a rally at a meat-packing plant and charge one French kiss for admission," Seth Meyers said at Late Night. "Wildfires and an out-of-control pandemic continue to rage" and Trump brags about watching hours of Fox News as he descends "deeper into lawless authoritarianism," often while speaking on Fox News, he said. "Just listen to the words he's using — 'retribution,' 'agitators,' 'insurrection' — it's like fascist magnetic poetry." Watch below. Peter Weber