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Biden has double-digit leads in Pennsylvania and Florida, Quinnipiac poll finds

Poll after poll has shown Democratic nominee Joe Biden slowly pulling out ahead of President Trump in Florida, Pennsylvania, and other swing states. Quinnipiac University's likely voter polls released Wednesday now give Biden his biggest leads yet in those states, as well as a surprising advantage in Iowa.

In Florida, Biden gets 51 percent support to Trump's 40 percent. In Pennsylvania, Biden pulled out 54 percent support to Trump's 41 percent. And in Iowa, Biden has a 5-point lead over Trump, 50-45 percent. The Iowa poll also predicts another win for Democrats in the state's Senate race, with challenger Theresa Greenfield getting 50 percent support to Sen. Joni Ernst's (R-Iowa) 45 percent.

As past polls have rarely, if ever, given Biden double-digit leads in Florida and Pennsylvania, analysts and polling experts have suggested Quinnipiac's results may be outliers. But given that Biden could shave some points and still claim those states' electoral votes, Quinnipiac still seems to forecast good news for him.

Quinnipiac surveyed around 1,200 likely voters in each of the states from Oct. 1–5, each with a 2.8 percentage point margin of error.