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Trump is reportedly 'livid' at Fox News for calling Arizona for Biden

Fox News projects that Democrat Joe Biden has won Arizona, flipping a state President Trump won in 2016 — and every Republican presidential candidate has won since 1996, as Fox News' John Roberts noted. Trump, he added, now "needs a Midwest state to counterbalance the loss." No other news organization has called Arizona yet — Fox News has been aggressive in its projections — and Trump and his campaign is reportedly furious.

Roberts said on Fox News that the Trump campaign is "livid" about the Arizona call and "frankly, there have been public calls for Fox to take back that call." PBS News reports the White House has been calling Fox News privately and trying to get it to reverse the call, too. "We pushed our people to vote on Election Day, but now Fox News is trying to invalidate their votes!" Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller tweeted. Arizona Republicans are upset, too. Fox News is standing by its call.

If Biden does win Arizona, Biden still has a pathway to victory that doesn't involve Pennsylvania.