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The Trump campaign is already ramping up its legal challenge in Pennsylvania

In the third such challenge of its kind on Wednesday, the Trump campaign announced its intention to take "critical legal actions" in Pennsylvania, including "suing to temporarily halt counting until there is meaningful transparency and Republicans can ensure all counting is done above board and by the law." The campaign also prematurely declared victory in the state, although not a single one of the nine primary reputable trackers has had the confidence yet to call the race one way or another.

The Trump campaign has been making a concerted effort to challenge unfavorable election results, with the president baselessly spreading conspiracy theories that undermine the integrity of the election, including falsely claiming victory on Tuesday night and threatening to ask the Supreme Court to halt the vote count. On Wednesday, the Trump campaign also announced its intention to "halt counting" in Michigan, and to challenge Joe Biden's win in Wisconsin by demanding a recount.

Stopping the count, though, might not be the best strategy for the Trump campaign at this point in the race, as analyst Nate Silver points out. Take a look below, and read the Trump campaign's full rationale for its Pennsylvania lawsuit here. Jeva Lange