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don't put it in the paper that i lost

Trump's election loss coping mechanism is straight out of The Simpsons

President Trump is reportedly getting close to admitting he lost the 2020 election. Just don't call it a loss.

Trump thoroughly lost his re-election bid to President-elect Joe Biden, something the end of Trump's legal challenges and the Electoral College affirmed on Monday. And while Trump is getting close to at least tacitly admitting he's out of the White House, he'd rather frame it as a non-win, one source who talked to him recently told Axios. "If we don't win, I don't say 'lose.' I say 'I don't win,'" Trump reportedly put it to the source recently — a line that sounds like it could be right from The Simpsons.

Despite his reframing, Trump is reportedly even so down about his loss that he's "reluctant to talk much about a 2024 run," Axios reports. Trump has repeatedly hinted at staging a comeback bid in the next election, though it's reportedly just a cry for attention as Trump stares down future irrelevance. As the source who spoke to Trump recently put it to Axios, "it's an acknowledgement of the end" of Trump's 2020 antics.