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More than 30 states hit Google with a 3rd antitrust lawsuit

Google has been hit with yet another antitrust lawsuit.

Over 30 states on Thursday filed a new antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of anticompetitive actions and of illegally maintaining a search monopoly, The New York Times and Axios report.

The lawsuit, which was led by Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, alleges that Google "improperly maintained and extended its search-related monopolies through exclusionary conduct that has harmed consumers, advertisers, and the competitive process itself," including by undermining competitors on search.

New York was among the states that joined the lawsuit, and New York Attorney General Letitia James's office said the states want to "counter any advantages that Google gained as a result of its anticompetitive conduct" and are asking the court to "restore a competitive marketplace," The Verge reports.

This comes just one day after Texas led a coalition of states filing a separate antitrust lawsuit against Google, that one concerning advertising. In October, the Department of Justice also sued Google for alleged antitrust violations, a lawsuit Bloomberg described as the "most significant antitrust case against an American company in two decades."