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impeachment round 2

House impeachment managers accuse Trump's lawyers of lying about withholding video evidence

Former President Donald Trump's lawyers say House impeachment managers' never-before-seen Capitol riot footage was a mystery even for them.

As they made their case for Trump's alleged incitement of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, House impeachment managers featured both widely circulated videos and footage from security cameras and other sources that had never been made public before. And while the new footage proved attention grabbing even for senators determined to acquit, Trump lawyer David Schoen argued Friday that it was a violation of due process that the former president's impeachment team never saw them.

But as a person close to the impeachment managers quickly told MSNBC, Shoen's allegation wasn't true. "Every piece of evidence, including new videos, were given to the defense team before the trial," the person told MSNBC's Nicole Wallace. The trial rules that both House impeachment managers and Trump's lawyers agreed upon actually required that, the source added. Kathryn Krawczyk