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GOP campaign committees receive cease-and-desist letters from Trump's lawyers for using his name

President Donald Trump is not pleased with Republican fundraisers who are using his name and likeness without his permission, and his lawyers are taking action, Politico reports.

The Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee all received cease-and-desist letters from lawyers Friday representing Trump for using his name and likeness in fundraising emails and merchandise. Per Politico, Trump has always been sensitive about how his name has been used in relation to other political candidates, but it appears to have ramped up in this case because he doesn't want to be associated with Republicans who voted to impeach him.

This doesn't change the fact that Trump "remains committed to the Republican Party," an adviser told Politico, but "that doesn't give anyone — friend or foe — permission to use his likeness without explicit approval."

The committees didn't respond to Politico's request for comment, but GOP campaigners have reportedly said privately that it's incredibly difficult to refrain from using Trump's name because of his popularity, and they believe he should be more generous. Read more at Politico.