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It's not entirely clear what Trump's post-presidential strategy is

Former President Donald Trump is seemingly having trouble figuring out what direction he wants to take now that he's out of office, Politico reports.

Over the last week, Politico notes, he's done some contradictory things like threatening Republican organizations for using his name and likeness in fundraising efforts while also offering his Mar-a-Lago resort as a host site for the Republican National Committee's spring donor retreat. Per Politico, one former Trump administration official who has remained in contact with Trump likened him to a "pinball," explaining that he'll change directions abruptly depending on the latest advice he received, which doesn't sound like a major change from his time in the Oval Office. Another former White House official suggested Trump will bounce around as much as he needs to so long as he can maintain "his power and his stranglehold over the Republican Party."

And it doesn't sound like Trump is going to lock in a rigid strategy anytime soon. "Politics is his hobby, and he's having fun with his hobby in between his rounds of golf," a former Trump adviser told Politico. Read more at Politico.