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Biden targets his infrastructure messaging at suburban women

The White House is launching an aggressive campaign to sell its infrastructure plan to the American public, and suburban women will be a central target, Politico reports.

The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly difficult for suburban women, with many mothers forced to leave the workforce to take over childcare duties amid school closures. Other women have also had to look after ailing parents (expanded elder care is a major aspect of President Biden's proposal, with $400 billion designated to the sector.)

"There's no question that a lot of pieces of this package resonate with suburban women who have been juggling the needs of their families and their jobs during the last year," White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield told Politico. "The work-life balance is never an easy one to strike, but the demands that have been put on many families during the pandemic have made it nearly impossible for many women."

Of course, as Politico notes, suburban women also represent a key voting demographic that helped Democrats retake the House in 2018, as well as the Senate and White House in 2020. Read more at Politico.