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What's reportedly included in phase 1 of Biden's infrastructure plan

The White House is primed to unveil the first phase of President Biden's "Build Back Batter" economic agenda on Wednesday. Details are still vague, but The Washington Post was able to get a glimpse at some dollar figures ahead of the official release.

Two people familiar with the matter told the Post on condition of anonymity that the plan will total $2.25 trillion, with about $650 billion designated to rebuilding U.S. infrastructure, including highways, water systems, and transit agencies. Another $400 billion will reportedly be allocated to care for the elderly and people with disabilities, and $300 billion apiece will head to affordable housing and the revival of U.S. manufacturing. Research and development will get $180 billion, while clean drinking water, the electric grid, high-speed broadband, and workforce development and job retraining, will all receive their own $100 billion.

The Post's sources clarified that the figures could change by the time the White House rolls out the plan since officials are still making adjustments, but it appears the reported breakdown represents the gist of the package. Read more at The Washington Post.