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Ben Carson wants to launch a new version of the Boy Scouts

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has started what he calls a "do tank" (which is the same thing as a think tank), now that former President Donald Trump is out of office.

It appears the American Cornerstone Institute will allow Carson to travel around the country and hold roundtable discussions about conservative values, The Washington Post reports. But it sounds like what he's really excited about is potentially launching a new youth organization called the Little Patriots. "It will be something like the Boy Scouts," Carson told the Post. "But heavily exposed to the real history of America."

It's not entirely clear what the venture will entail, but the purpose may be an attempt to counter calls to remove certain statues and monuments in the U.S, although Carson focused on a far more dramatic and severe global example to make his point. "You probably notice when [the Islamic State] goes into a place, they destroy the history; they destroy the monuments," he told the Post. "History is what gives you identity." Read more about what Carson and other former members of the Trump White House are up to these days at The Washington Post.