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Meghan Markle reportedly goes on maternity leave next month

It's unclear exactly how Meghan Markle spends her days in sunny Montecito, California, when she isn't taking care of baby Archie, tending to her rescue chickens, and riling up the British royal family by simply existing. But according to "sources" who spoke with Page Six, the Duchess of Sussex is a "workaholic" who "doesn't stop." She'll finally be pumping the breaks, though, in May, when she reportedly plans to take "maternity leave" to give birth to her daughter. (Though Meghan and Harry have been private about their timeline, the rumor is that Archie's younger sister is expected sometime in June).

Markle — who co-founded the nonprofit Archewell and recently guest edited British Vogue — will have some free time more immediately, too, since she wasn't medically cleared to fly with Prince Harry the 12 hours to the U.K. for her grandfather-in-law's funeral. Hopefully she's spending this time to herself sleeping in and laying off those early morning emails.