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Joy Behar says she misgendered Caitlyn Jenner on The View because she 'didn't get enough sleep'

Joy Behar is apologizing "if anybody was upset" that she repeatedly misgendered Caitlyn Jenner on The View, blaming it on not getting "enough sleep."

Behar drew criticism on Friday after she incorrectly referred to Jenner using "he" or "his" multiple times during a segment about the former athlete's California gubernatorial run, per Mediaite. While Behar did also use the right pronouns throughout the segment, she had to correct her wrong pronoun usage more than once. She subsequently apologized on the air.

"Let me apologize for my pronoun mix-up," Behar said. "I think I just didn't get enough sleep last night. I had no intention of mixing them up, and I tried to correct it immediately, but whatever. It just came out. So I'm sorry if anybody was upset by that."

Behar's misgendering of Jenner had been called out on Twitter while The View aired, with journalist Yashar Ali taking note of it and writing, "I don't know why Joy misgendered her but it's an important reminder that we don't misgender people even if we don't like their politics." Brendan Morrow