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T-Pain discovers he's been 'accidentally straight up ignoring' celebrities on Instagram for 2 years

We've all broken out a disingenuous "sorry, just seeing this now!" reply once in a while, but with T-Pain, it's apparently for real.

The rapper revealed Wednesday he had absolutely no idea until this week that there's a request folder on Instagram that turned out to be "full of celebs trying to reach me," meaning he's been "accidentally straight up ignoring all these people for like two years."

Indeed, T-Pain in a video scrolled through the many mentions and DMs from very famous people he's been failing to respond to — including a message from Viola Davis' account sent 97 weeks ago. Dude! You can't ignore Viola Davis!

"How do I super apologize?" T-Pain wrote. "Press conference? Town hall meeting?"

I guess you can say he … can't believe it? Brendan Morrow