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2020 electorate

Historic turnout by voters of color in 2020 battleground states still has huge room for growth

The 2020 presidential election saw historic voter turnout, especially among communities of color, but "there are still major gains to be made in voter turnout writ large," the data firm Catalist concluded in an extensive report on the electorate published Monday.

The number of votes cast by Latinos, for example, shot up 31 percent since 2016. At the same time, there were still a high amount of non-voters in the demographic, especially in key states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Texas. In those states, Catalist estimates, non-voting Latino citizens actually outnumbered Latino citizens who did cast a ballot. And when factoring all eligible voters of color in those states, 13 million people voted compared to 11 million who did not, suggesting the electorate could shape up quite differently, or at least become harder to predict, if turnout continues to increase in the coming years. Read the full breakdown of Catalist's report here. Tim O'Donnell