WATCH: Anthony Weiner mocks British reporter's accent
Sexting scandal? Check. Embarrassing, confounding, self-perpetuating fallout? Infinite checks.

Anthony Weiner, his mayoral campaign crumbling, isn't even taking reporters seriously anymore.

On Thursday, Weiner responded to questions from a British journalist by mocking her accent and asking aloud if he was being put on. When asked if he was really interested in governing as mayor, or if he was merely running because of a "hunger for the big job," Weiner deflected the question.

"It's hard to take you seriously," he said, before smirking and repeating to himself, in a faux English accent, "hunger for the big job."

"I just have a feeling I've, like, stepped into a Monty Python bit," he said in response to the next question.

Though Weiner was not, in fact, in a Monty Python bit, his campaign is likely as dead as a Norwegian Blue parrot sold by a shady pet shop.

A New York Times/Sienna College poll out Thursday found Weiner slipping to 10 percent in the mayor's race, his worst showing to date in any poll of the contest.

Jon Terbush is an associate editor at covering politics, sports, and other things he finds interesting. He has previously written for Talking Points Memo, Raw Story, and Business Insider.


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