The video: At times, the race between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney has seemed like an ugly grudge match between two candidates who neither like nor particularly respect each other. And it followed a particularly nasty GOP primary in which Romney mixed it up with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum, among a host of more affable foes. Over the months, Slate has re-imagined all of it through the lens of the classic arcade game Mortal Kombat. With the big election now just days away, Slate has come out with the final installment of Political Kombat, with Obama and Romney fighting to the bitter end... and viewers able to choose their own ending. (Watch below)

The reaction: The whole Political Kombat series has been "crazy fun to watch," says Alex Fitzpatrick at Mashable. Who doesn't want to see Vice President Joe Biden go mano a mano with Rep. Paul Ryan, or Donald Trump get pummeled by Obama? I mean seriously, "how much fun would presidential debates be if they allowed Mortal Kombat-style special attacks, combos, and fatalities?" That won't happen, of course, but this grand finale is the next best thing — "we only wish this was an actual video game!" No kidding, tweets San Diego TV personality Scott Lewis. "I will die unhappy if I don't make something this cool in my lifetime."