On Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s Late Night, Jimmy Fallon invited audiences to visit “Mr. Romney's Neighborhood,” a sketch that took shots at both Romney’s rich-guy image and his repeated attacks on PBS. “Won’t you be my neighbor? There’s a good chance you already are, since I own so many homes,” says Fallon’s Romney, as he browses the Financial Times during a shoeshine. Fallon’s satirical attack is just one of many to emerge this election season, as pranksters and parodists have latched onto everything from Romney’s one-percenter status to his seemingly identical children. Watch the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon parody — and 5 other Romney spoofs — below:

1. “Mr. Romney's Neighborhood”
"Oh look, it's the trolley!" continues Fallon in the Late Night sketch. "It's on the way to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. That's where me and Paul Ryan get most of our facts from." (via The Huffington Post)

2. “Mitt Romney responds to the ‘47 percent’ controversy”
This isn’t the first time that Fallon has impersonated Romney to score satirical points. In the wake of Mitt’s infamous “47 percent” gaffe, Fallon-as-Romney offered wooden jokes about his haircut, Kate Middleton, and reality TV in a sketch poking fun at Romney's attempts to deflect attention from his remarks. (via Ace Showbiz)

3. “Mitt Romney Style”
This College Humor-produced parody of Korean sensation PSY’s viral hit “Gangnam Style” uses the singer’s “horse dance” to mock Rafalca, the Romney family’s famous show-horse. (via The Huffington Post)

4. “The Romney Boys Mysteries”
“Romneyland is no longer turning a profit!” frets an animated version of the GOP presidential candidate in Fred Willard’s Funny or Die parody, which re-imagines Romney’s five sons as the main characters of classic children’s cartoon Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (via The Stir)

5. “The Real Mitt Romney”
“Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?” asks President Obama in this viral-video hit, which cuts clips from Romney’s TV appearances into a surprisingly coherent parody of Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady.” (via Forbes

6. “Mitt Romney’s Favorite Things”
This auto-tune by the Gregory Brothers (of “Auto-Tune the News” fame) was commissioned by The New York Times to chronicle all the things that Mitt Romney has publicly said that he likes — a list that includes “American cars,” “silly stuff,” "mandates," and “lakes.” (via The New York Times)

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