Riding high
A London architect unveils his proposal to construct elevated bicycle lanes throughout England's capital. [Discovery News]

Tough love
An Oregon veterinarian takes in an overfed and morbidly-obese dachshund and puts him on an intensive weight-loss regimen. [HyperVocal]

Urban bookworms
A New York designer creates a mini-library inside a phone booth to inspire passersby. [GOOD]


High-brow nudity
Facebook temporarily blocks The New Yorker's Facebook page after the magazine posts a cartoon featuring a naked Adam and Eve. [Gothamist]

Photo-op fame
The Florida pizzeria owner who bear-hugged Obama during a photo-op this weekend is hit with scathingly negative Yelp reviews from conservatives angry at President Obama. [New York]

Ill-advised tattoos
R&B bad boy Chris Brown gets a new neck tattoo that looks strikingly similar to Rihanna's injured face after the infamous 2009 incident in which he hit her. [Death & Taxes]

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