The image: Who knew "Weinergate" could be so profitable? The sexting scandal surrounding humiliated Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) has spawned Weiner-themed condoms, T-shirts, and, now, an "anatomically correct" action figure. HeroBuilders — the same Connecticut company that produced the "Rambama" Obama Navy SEAL doll — is now selling two versions of an Anthony Weiner action figure. (See the photos below.) Both dolls sport a white T-shirt and boxer shorts branded with the phrase "Tweet This." One, however, is a "Ken" version, while the other "comes fully equipped with a crotch bulge." The PG-13 version is being sold for $39.95; an R-rated Weiner goes for $49.95. Within 24 hours of the product's launch, the company sold 250 dolls — all the "enhanced" edition.

The reaction: "Do you need a gift for a person that has everything?" asks Renee Phillips at Free Republic, because it's "guaranteed" they don't own this. While there is an "entrepreneurial spirit" here that's to be admired, says James Joyner at Outside the Beltway, "it's a bizarre product" that is exploitative and "crosses the line." Judge for yourself: