The video: Ann Coulter, the conservative columnist liberals love to hate, has chimed in again on the chances of a 2012 presidential bid by Sarah Palin. Appearing on Sean Hannity's Fox News program on Friday evening, Coulter predicted that Palin won't run, and that she's only fueling speculation about a possible campaign because "Newt Gingrich told her you can get higher speaking fees if you pretend you are running for president." (Watch the video below.) Coulter also said Palin has so much sway right now that "it would be a step down for her to run for president."
The reaction:
"You can't ever accuse Coulter of beating around the bush," says Glynnis MacNicol at Business Insider. And sure, her comment about Palin's possible financial motives only "seems to confirm what many have suggested," says Ryan Witt at But "Coulter may have access to more 'insider knowledge' given her position as an established conservative commentator." See the video for yourself: