The video: Appearing on the PBS program "Inside Washington," conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer chided the show for its "weekly Sarah Palin segment" — more media evidence, he said, that Palin encapsulates "the whole of conservatism in America" in the "liberal imagination." (View video below.) When fellow guest Colby King agreed that Palin is "the most significant Republican, conservative around," Krauthammer shot back that such comments are "perfect evidence of how liberals are obsessed with Sarah Palin."
The reaction:
Of course liberals are obsessed with Palin, but it's "not a one-way street," says William Jacobson in Legal Insurrection. We conservatives are equally "obsessed with defending" her against the left's "relentless," unhinged attacks. Are liberals obsessed? asks Michael J.W. Stickings in The Reaction. No, just watching, "often with great amusement" as the "brightest Republican star (without necessarily being bright)" has become the de facto leader of the party. The only winner is Palin, says Zandar in No More Mister Nice Blog. If the media pays attention to her, it's "obsessed," but if it ignores her, "they're misogynist 'lamestream media.'" So Krauthammer is right that the media is "enabling" her — if he's upset, maybe he can "convince her to tone it down." Watch the exchange: