Sarah Palin lacks the "intellectual curiosity" to be president, Sen. Lisa Murkowski said this week, reigniting a long-simmering feud between the two Alaska Republicans. Palin, who endorsed Tea Party favorite Joe Miller in his bid to unseat Murkowski, fired back, saying the senator is "out of touch" with the people. Is this just a minor flare-up between longtime foes, or could the criticism damage Palin's standing as a national GOP leader? (Watch a Fox News discussion about Murkowski's comments)

The charge is unfair, but comments like this add up: Murkowski essentially called Sarah Palin stupid, says Rob Port at Say Anything Blog. "Unfair" and "catty" as that is, it's just part of a broader effort by Palin's political rivals to paint the former Alaska governor as "tainted goods." When enemies in her own party are "willing to keep Obama in the White House to keep Palin out," it becomes a "simple political reality" that Palin will never be president.
"Lisa Murkowski pretty much just called Sarah Palin stupid"

Murkowski is merely stating the obvious: Lisa Murkowski isn't telling the American people anything they don't already know, says Darren Lenard Hutchinson at Dissenting Justice. "Palin lacks [the] leadership abilities and intellect" to be president. But in this case, "the obvious" is worth repeating; voters can be ignorant and gullible.
"Senator Lisa Murkowski states the obvious about Palin: Too dumb, not a leader"

"Intellectual curiosity" does not win elections: It doesn't matter what Murkowski thinks of Palin's intellect, says Rebecca Kaplan at National Journal. Whatever Palin may lack in "intellectual curiosity," she "makes up for in entrepreneurial spirit." Palin is an "innovator" — she coined the Oxford American Dictionary's word of the year (refudiate) and her reality show, "Sarah Palin’s Alaska," drew 4.96 million viewers, making it the biggest series launch ever for TLC. Palin hardly needs Murkowski's stamp of approval.
"Murkowski swipes at Palin's intelligence"